Dangerous Wonder

Here's this week's Bible study blog entry for i.ucc:

There’s something we miss when all we look at is the rest, rejuvenation, reconciliation and peace that Jesus gives to those who are harassed and helpless.

It’s the life-changing challenges, the motivation, the drive and the dangerous wonder that following Jesus leads to.

In most (I expect) of our experiences, the challenges and the dangerous wonder don’t lead to physical persecution, imprisonment, violence or death.

But I think this week’s Bible reading from Matthew 10:24-39 is a powerful reminder that following Jesus isn’t about being comfortable with the way things are. It’s about having a passion to live a life dedicated to justice and peace – no matter how unpopular or how how unsettling that is to us and to those around us.

The late Mike Yaconelli used the term “Dangerous Wonder” to describe the marvelous, troubling, fulfilling, confusing, peaceful and dangerous life of following Jesus.

What’s your experience following Jesus?


kate huey said...

Hey, Kirk!

I have another expression to add, but I don't know who said it - it was something I heard in feminist theology: Trouble and Beauty.

It's stayed with me a long time, and your blog reminded me of it.

Kirk said...

I think it's Maria Riley - she wrote Trouble and Beauty: Women Encounter Catholic Social Teaching with Nancy Sylvester (I met Nancy when she was the parlimentary professional at an Illinois Conference Annual Meeting -- at least I think it's the same Nancy Sylvester!)