Danity Kane - Damaged Bible Study

The newest edition of Interlinc's YLO magazine (YLO 72) just cam out. Here's a short Bible devotion I wrote for the magazine. It's based on Danity Kane's song, Damaged:

Song: Damaged
Artist: Danity Kane
Album: Welcome to the Dollhouse

Kirk Moore
Union Congregational United Church of Christ
Somonauk, Illinois

Teaching Point: Heartbreak

Opening Question: What can mend a broken heart?

Discussion: The wounds of a broken heart don’t heal easily. They don’t heal quickly. Sometimes when they feel healed they aren’t healed at all.

This Danity Kane song describes a person who is enduring a broken heart while desperately seeking relief and healing so that they can feel better. The group acknowledges that time can heal their wounds, but they also seek ways to cover up the symptoms of a broken heart while they are waiting for it to heal.

It’s been said that time heals all wounds. Like other well-known bits of wit and wisdom, this one tries to encourage someone to simply wait and things will get better. Sadly, time doesn’t heal all wounds. Time can pass while wounds go untreated, but real healing needs more than just time. A physical wound heals because the body has the built-in response and tools to heal injuries. Emotional wounds need a response and tools as well.

When we’re suffering from heartbreak, words of kindness, support and comfort from family and friends go a long way to helping us heal. Words of comfort and promise from the Bible remind us that God cares for us and will help us heal. Psalm 147:3 reminds us that God heals the brokenhearted. Romans 8:38-39 reminds us that nothing can ever come between us and Jesus’ love for us. Matthew 11:28 offers comforting words as Jesus invites the troubled to find rest in him.

Conclusion: Heartbreak is painful. We all wish that we never had to experience heartbreak, but for most, heartbreak comes all too often. We can seek support and comfort from friends and family in our pain. We can also find comfort in God’s unconditional and unending love.

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