Paper Covers Rock

Ian's released the March film: #3 of the 12filmsin12months that he's writing, directing and producing this year. This one comes a week late - you can tell that it was just a little rushed.

What's this? A negative review for an Ian Robertson film?

No -- not a negative one, just an observation that this one didn't come off as smoothly as the first two. There's a little bit of choppy camera movement and there are a few scenes with some acting that probably should have been reshot. But even this film is one of the best things you'll find on youtube. (That makes the first two REALLY great!)

The Sven character is brilliant- And you can watch more of him now!


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Ian said...

Thanks for the review Kirk. And seriously, thanks for being honest with your observations. I want people to think critically about the films and give me honest feedback. Otherwise I'm not going to get much better at what I'm doing. And you're right, there were definitely some parts that were rushed during production.

Oh, and I don't know if you saw but earlier today I posted some more Sven for your viewing enjoyment. So, enjoy.