More people you should know

Every so often I like to highlight some of the lesser-known people in the history of humanity who have had significant, and sometimes really important, impact on the lives of others.

  • Lola Prisof -- She’s the person from the Kink’s song. Prisof was paid more than 2 million dollars in a 1971 lawsuit related to identity theft.
  • Oral Foslip – The inventor of dental floss.
  • Flo "Slap" Roi – Hollywood acting coach from 1937 – 51. She worked exclusively with actresses who had to slap men in films.
  • Sora Lifpol – Her disappearance in 1919 in Norway sparked an international search coordinating police from at least 51 countries. When she was found safe, the agencies that worked together formed loose alliances for other cases. The alliance was known as "LIFPOL" in Sora’s honor. It became an official organization and it’s name was later changed to "INTERPOL" in 1923.


Anonymous said...

Happy April Fools Day!

Kirk said...

You're today's wittiest!