This week's Bible study blog entry for i.ucc.org asks many questions without providing the answers.

What are we to do with John 14:6?

I’ve heard Bible scholars with all different kinds of opinions on this one. Should we simply throw it out and say, “Jesus didn’t really say that – those words were put into his mouth” or should we say, “The whole question of salvation is answered in that single statement—Jesus said 'You have to go through me – otherwise you’ve got no chance of heaven.'” Or is it something more like, “Jesus was talking to a small group of people and these words are part of a farewell speech to his closest followers. They aren’t meant to be taken as universal truth.”

  • If we take the first statement, then what’s to keep us from doing that with any other uncomfortable statement of Jesus?
  • If we take the second, then what does “except through me” really mean? Does it require an action on a person’s part or has Jesus opened the way for everyone – no action required?
  • If we take the third one, then how do we decide which parts of the speech are universal and which ones are exclusive to a smaller group?

What wrestling do you do with John 14:1-14 overall? What joy do you find in it?

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