Underneath the National Pastor's Convention 2008 - 7

After a pair of late and overnight flights (don't you just love sleeping on planes?) I'm home from the NPC. Here are just a few final thoughts:

  • As I look back, I'm going to remember that I heard story after story of people who have encountered Jesus - the real deal - and have been healed, transformed, reconciled and FILLED UP.
  • This week, through the work I did, through the friendships I made, through the music I heard, sang and cried through, through the powerful words of amazing preachers I experienced healing, reconciliation, transformation – being FILLED UP.
  • I can’t adequately explain it, but I left home a week ago one way. I’ve come back and I’m different. Sure there’s emotion attached to it all, but still – God did a number of me this week. I had an encounter with the real deal!
Oh -- and my muscles are really sore, too.

UPDATE: Here are a few pictures from NPC 2008! (And pictures from past events too . . . )

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