I was going to call this week's Bible study blog entry for i.ucc "plotting." However, I couldn't really find a resource that made "plot" the equivalent of "plan" with no underlying negative connotations. (Sure, when it comes to maps and things like that it works, but not for things like strategy etc.) So this week's entry is called "Planning" instead.

This week’s long reading from Matthew 26:14- 27:66 involves different plans from many different characters.

Planning can have a negative connotation – as in plotting, but planning can also involve creating a strategy for a desired result. Let’s look at the plans of several of the characters in this week’s reading:

  • The Chief Priests – These leaders wanted to capture, discredit and do away with Jesus. They also wanted any kind of following Jesus had to disappear.
  • Judas – I think Judas really wanted to “smoke Jesus out” and get him to come out like a fighting warrior to take over power. Others say he was just greedy.
  • Jesus – Jesus knew what he was doing. He layed low for awhile before making the trip to the big city where he was sure to be noticed.
  • Peter – I think he really wanted to be a hero and a protector of Jesus. His plan didn’t work out so well, either.
  • Caiaphas – I think he, like the other priests, wanted to discredit and do away with Jesus.
  • Pilate – It seems that Pilate really wanted a way out of the whole crucifixion scenario. Or maybe his plan was to do what he wanted, while making the crowd seem like they were in charge.
  • Soldiers – It looks like they, too, wanted to discredit and do away with Jesus and any ‘Jesus movement.’ Or maybe they were just doing their jobs.
  • The Marys – The women who watched Jesus crucifixion from a distance, I think, wanted to be sure that Jesus was neither forgotten nor belittled.
  • Joseph of Arimathea – It seems as though Joseph also had a plan to protect Jesus’ reputation and to give his family dignity.
  • Pharisees – Same for the priests. These folks wanted to be sure that any false religious leader never got a strong following. It’s too bad they missed the real thing.
What are your thoughts about this week’s reading?

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