In retrospect. . .

Here's this week's Bible study blog entry for i.ucc.org-

It’s easier to comprehend things in our lives when we look back at them. All too often we miss what’s going on when it is going on.

This week we get to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection as described in our Bible reading from John 20:1-18. We have the good fortune to be able to celebrate the event as we look at back. But looking forward, I wonder what we’re missing? We have a great history of missing the point when it comes to the mystery of God.

The tomb was empty and Jesus’ followers panicked. Mary stayed at the tomb – not knowing what to do and only having the energy to sit and weep. She was in the presence of Jesus and for at least a moment she missed it.

Over the next few weeks of Easter, we’ll have a chance to see people missing out on seeing Jesus until they were ready for it. This week I think that Mary didn’t realize that Jesus was standing there with her until she was ready for it.

Ready for it? Doesn’t God get to do what God does whether we ready or not?

Of course – I believe it. I also believe that we can miss what’s important for a long time until we’re ready to really grasp it.

The earliest followers of Jesus missed the point often – and then sometimes they got it. We miss the point often, and because we can look back at the experiences of Jesus’ earliest followers, we have a chance to ‘get it’ – if only a little bit.

I wonder what you’ve come to understand looking back. I wonder what we’re going to be ready to understand about the wonderful mystery of God going forward.

What are you thinking this week?

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