6 Gallons

This morning I donated a pint of blood. I've now given 6 gallons since I started donating in 1982.

Here's a 'blood donation on Good Friday' thought. (It's included in my Gross Theology book . . . but the book still isn't ready)

I have CMV (cytomegalovirus) negative blood. Half of the population carries this virus while the other half do not. For most people, CMV causes no ill effects. however, a person with a weakened or not fully developed immunesystem could become very ill if exposed to CMV. The blood I donate is specifically earmarked for premature babies, cancer patients and others whocannot fight infection.) I donate with regularity every 8 weeks.

When Jesus met with the disciples for the last supper, he had them eat bread and drink wine to remember what it is he was about to do. But the elements they ate didn't have to give them an image of torture, beating and death. Jesus came to give us life. Jesus' story is about us getting life even when we get things wrong. Jesus story is about him loving us even though we fail. Jesus story is about life to the fullest. Instead of looking to gore and death, let's remember that Jesus came to give us life -- not death. And blood is something we need to live -- without it we die.

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