Losing weight

I made a new year's resolution to lose 32 pounds this year. This week I joined a weight loss contest -- "Are you a Bigger Loser than Marko" from youth specialties. And it all ties in (at least a little, maybe) with this week's Bible study blog entry for i.ucc.org.

I’m losing weight the old-fashioned way – eating less, eating more healthily, sitting on my backside less, and being more active. I’m motivated and committed to the goal of losing enough weight so that the clothes I wore when I was at what I would call my healthiest fit again.

It’s early in the process, and I’m really hungry.

I have the desire to just down a quick hamburger (or 2 or 3) with some salty fries and then to experience a chocolate and caramel candy bar – just to satisfy this hunger.

In the back of my mind is this week’s Bible reading from Matthew 4:1-11 about how Jesus fasted in the wilderness for 40 days and then when he was really hungry he was tempted.

And then I think a little deeper . . .

"I’m thinking that my hunger and desire for hamburgers, fries and chocolate for a day or two while I’m trying to stop being a glutton is AT ALL similar to Jesus’ fasting and being tempted?! I am such a product of a culture of affluence and excess!"

And then I think from side to side . . .

Jesus experienced real, human hunger. He was tempted as he prepared to go "on the road" in ministry. He chose to trust God’s direction over any other direction. He was tempted by some easy ways out from his circumstances but he chose the way that didn’t begin with selfishness.

Whether it’s weight loss, charitable giving, achieving goals, or somehow making a difference for good in the world, there are easy routes to getting results – but too often those routes have the likelihood of being harmful to us or to others. Genuinely seeking God’s way in whatever we do is a much better option.

Anyone else have thoughts like that? What are yours?


johny b said...

kirk... hope you accomplish your goal with the marko biggest loser... know that i am pullin' for you!

Kirk said...

Thanks, johny b!