Student Mission Trip Packets

I've got a few articles in the latest edtion of Interlinc's music magazine. (YLO 70) Here's a "practical help" article I wrote about those little packets you can put together for students on mission trips.


Practical Help
Putting together student packets for mission trips

Written by Kirk Moore
Union Congregational United Church of Christ, Somonauk, IL

The location is set. The funds are raised (or they’re close!) The students and leaders are signed up and ready for the trip. You’ve got almost everything ready.

Here’s one more thing that will be helpful for this year’s mission trip.

Student trip packets

I know – the name isn’t all that glamorous, but the packets can really help make the week a great one.

Here’s what the packets should include:

  • A title page with artwork that describes the trip.
    Maybe the same thing you put on the T-shirt? Be sure to get the permission of the artwork designer.

  • Devotional verses that relate to expected trip emotions.
    You can find great verse references in a Gideon’s Bible or in many other bibles right off your bookshelf.

  • A schedule for the week.
    Be sure to include times for morning devotions and evening devotions – getting ready for the day and unpacking the events of the day – you can probably use the devotional verses.

  • Songlist and lyric sheets.
    What’s a youth mission trip without great singing time? Try to include many favorites and a few new songs for the group to learn. Don’t forget to follow copyright rules and include your CCLI number.

  • Memories pages.
    End each book with a page or two where students can write encouraging words to each other at the end of the week. Students will spend hours reading these memory pages for years to come.

  • Give each student a folder to keep their packet from getting damaged after the trip.

Would you like to see an example? Email me and I’ll send you a file of a student packet from a recent trip!

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