National Treasure: Book of Secrets

I saw the newest National Treasure flick at Cantera 30 theatres last night. Here's my short review.

"Another thrilling treasure hunt that's almost as good as the first one!"

Here's a little more.

  • The powerful action is everywhere -- even more dangerous than the first time. However, Bourne-like car chases seem out of character for Ben Gates.
  • The treasure hunting is still fascinating, but this time it seems a bit more rushed.
  • Nicolas Cage still looks like he's having fun with this role, but it also looks like some of the scenes (later reshoots?) have him looking older and more tired than in other scenes.
  • No spoilers here, but I think there were a few important questions left unanswered in this one. Was it editing? Is it more setup for a next movie?
  • There's nothing in this movie that made me question my 10 year old seeing it.

Favorite characters: (almost all of them!)

  • Nicolas Cage as Ben Gates (It's good to see him in a good film)
  • Justin Bartha as Riley Poole (I think he's my favorite character in the film)
  • Diane Kruger as Abigail Chase (Beautiful, smart and adventurous!)
  • Jon Voight as Patrick Gates (He's much more likeable in this one)
  • Helen Mirren as Emily Appleton (She's great in any role!)
  • Ed Harris as Mitch Wilkinson (What's up with his character's family?)

This one is worth your family-movie-outing dollar!

* Get to the theatre on time - the old-school, new subject Goofy cartoon at the beginning is a hoot!


Peter said...

As a devoted Seinfeld fan, I feel compelled to point out that Mr. Voight's name is spelled "Jon". As we learned in that episode, "John Voight" is a periodontist. ;)

Kirk said...

Huh? What are you talking about? I spelled it right! (I love electronic editing!)

johny b said...

hey kirk.. you should do a year in review like marko does... i think with all the movies and other things you have done, it would be cool to see it in year in review form...

i hope and pray all is well with you and wish you, cassie and the kids the best in "08!

Kirk said...

Hi johny b! I like your idea -- except that it makes me think too hard while I'm on vacation! Maybe that'll be something for 2008?