Ready Set Grow 2

I feel "twittery" blogging live from the training room at the Church house in Cleveland.

Some un-contemplated thoughts I've got running through my mind:

  • God’s extravagant welcome is ridiculous (and necessary)
  • What if we looked at the word "Squander" as a good thing rather than a negative? (Using the gifts illogically to welcome all.)
  • What if we looked at the word "Squander" still as a negative thing that leads to using our gifts to keep people out?
  • Why do we still think of it as US inviting THEM?
  • What will communicate to all desparation about the need to go out and invite and to welcome all?
  • The UCC and it's founding denominations have been early on many issues. (Ordination of women, people of color, people who are lbgt , , , being abolitionists, advocating for public access to the airwaves etc.) And in each case that "early-ness" has been costly in terms of loss of congregations, horrible treatment of people in and out of our congregations and other things. We've been paying the cost for being early for a LONG time.

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