A whole bunch of Coburns (Cassie's side of the family) went to see Enchanted yesterday as part of the Thanksgiving family activities. Here's my short review of this new Disney film:

My daughter and my mother-in-law applauded after the big production number!

Here's some more:
I loved this movie. It's willingness to mock the storybook fairy-tale style had me laughing again and again.
It's not a Shrek copy -- but it owes some inspiration to it's hilarious mocking style
The characters never lost their sense of who they were -- while all the silliness was going on the fairy-tale characters kept their world view while the New Yorkers never lost theirs.
It was still great to have a fairy-tale ending.

Favorite characters:
Amy Adams as Giselle
Rachel Covey as Morgan
Timothy Spall as Nathaniel

I think I could see this film again and again and still be entertained.

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