Ancienter ancient hymn

This week's Bible Study blog entry for i.ucc.org contains my first hymnwriting attempt. I think it might be singable -- if you practice it a few times.

The voice of the scholars speaks – and it says that the second part of our Bible reading for this week (Colossians 1:11-20) is a creed -- a hymn that the original readers would have recognized and maybe even sung while they learned and remembered how real, awesome, life-giving and full Jesus is.

I’ve made an attempt (my first, actually) to capture the spirit of this ancient hymn with the hymnody of a much more recent time: The 18th century. If you know the tune to J.S. Bach’s Ach Gott und Herr and you add a few notes to make the words fit, have fun singing. If you need to learn the tune, download the midi and then sing away!

The Invisible God We See in Christ
Kirk Moore

The invisible God we see in Christ
The firstborn of all things created
All that there is, in heaven and on earth
Are through him and for him intended

There is nothing before that could ever exist
And together Christ keeps everything
The head of his church – yes our Christ is first raised
First place - in everything he’s supreme

God’s fullness is pleased to dwell in the Christ
And through him the world to restore
There is peace everywhere in heaven and Earth
Through his blood – giving life forevermore.

words © 2007 Kirk Moore
Sing it anywhere you want – but talk to me if you’re gonna sell it.

What are you thinking about with Colossians 1:11-20 this week?

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