About a week ago a box arrived at my house. When I opened up I found a wonderful note from a friend I haven't seen for years. She said that she'd been to a museum/store in the Schoolhouse where Alfred Hitchcock shot "The Birds." She found a crow puppet and said that she had to get it for me.
Today, Reginald (the crow puppet) made his debut as part of the children's sermon for the Foods Resource Bank Growing Project's Somonauk/Earlville area Harvest Celebration. Take a look!

(If you can't get the youtube feed or you want to download the video -- here's the mpg file)


traci said...

i loved this post. the highlights: "at night you can go to the field and take it" also "what is the name of this program, again?" also "you can put your hands together so you are not doing anything with your hands."

good times. and what a fun surprise from your friend! it makes me want to do something for someone i haven't seen in awhile. that's cool!

Peter said...

Does Reginald like cheese, as well?

Kirk said...

All three things that either on this day or another in the past caught me completely off guard -- I love those times!

Kirk said...

I'll have to ask him next time he flys in for a visit.