Presidents in trouble - AKA Arrested Development?

President Jimmy Carter speaks his mind -- and he's really ticked off.

"The president is self-defining what we have done and authorized in the torture of prisoners."
"I don't think it, I know it, certainly,"

President Bush's office responded:

"The president has not authorized it, nor will he. Our interrogation methods are tough, safe, necessary and legal. And our country is being protected,"

I trust President Carter's word more than I trust President Bush's word.

UCC President John Thomas and UCC Executive Minister for Justice and Peace Linda Jaramillo were arrested yesterday in front of the White House. They were trying to deliver boxes containing 60,000+ signatures on a petition to end the war in Iraq.
They weren't arrested for trying to deliver the boxes -- but rather for refusing to leave when police asked them to. No one from the White House would receive the petitions.
Sure -- it was something that sought publicity -- not for Thomas and Jaramillo (who paid a $100 fine and were released a couple of hours later) but rather publicity that Church leaders don't want to be silent as the war continues in perpetuity.

No national publicity on this one . . . but we'll see what develops.
* Northwestern University - Medill Reports

I think we should get President Carter together with President Thomas . . .


traci said...

sometimes i get so burned out with the whole political landscape in our country... how to keep motivated?

Kirk said...

stay focused on justice