Kathy Griffin's Speech

OK -- Kathy Griffin's Emmy acceptance speech contained offensive references to Jesus and Kathy's Emmy.

Everybody take a deep breath.

To Kathy: (like she's going to read this, right?)

No matter who you are, what list you're on, or what you just told Jesus to do with your Emmy trophy, you're welcome in the United Church of Christ. I'll save you a seat at Union Congregational Church in Somonauk -- We have services every Sunday morning at 10.

Everyone else is welcome, too


dawnarie4 said...

Did her comment really surprise you? Hollywood has been known to have this kind of attitude. I don't personally like her type of humor but, at least she's honest!
But...the whole thing makes me feel very sad to think a little statue is her God!

Kirk said...

I think in a not so subtle way she's drawing attention to our overmaterialistic world. We get so much "stuff" relating to our religions that it seems completely contrary to the simple life Jesus lived.