Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face Down Bible Study

OK -- I promise this is the last post relating to the articles I had published in the latest Interlinc magazine. (YLO 69) I wrote a short study about Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' Face Down. I remember commenting that this was a pretty catchy tune, but a really heavy song. Here's the study I submitted. The published version is really similar.

Song: Face Down
Artist: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Album: Don’t You Fake It

Kirk Moore
Union Congregational Church
Somonauk, Illinois

Teaching Point: Abuse

Opening Question: Is there anything domestic about violence in the home?

Discussion: Violence in the home occurs with couples of all faiths and all walks of life. Jesus called for us to love one another. How do we reach out with love in situations of abuse?

"Face Down" is a catchy pop-punk tune with a message that anything but happy. It calls attention to violence between partners and issues a stern and unapologetic warning to those who abuse others. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus has also been selling t-shirts and wristbands on the subject, donating proceeds to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. (ncadv.org)

Jesus command to us (from Mark 12:29-31) is to love God and to love our neighbor. Abusing anyone violates that command. Jesus also calls us to forgive one another. However, “Turn the other cheek” isn’t an invitation to endure abuse. In a world where everyone did the right thing, it would be easy. Those who abuse would stop (or never start) and those who are victims of abuse would find shelter and safety away from their abusers. Since we do not live in perfect times, our call is to protect those who are abused and to show love for all – even our enemies. Can you think of resources for victims of abuse? Can you think of resources to help those who abuse others?

Conclusion: God never intended us to abuse one another. No one ever deserves to be abused. Be an agent of God’s compassionate and unconditional love. If you know of an abuse situation, or you are in an abuse situation, please tell a leader or an adult you trust right away.

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