No Reservations

Last night Cassie and I saw this summer's second restaurant film. It's a remake of "Mostly Martha" (Bella Martha, Drei Sterne), a German film from 2001. Here's my short review:

I think I saw this in Ratatouille, Friends, Iron Chef, Notting Hill and that German movie No Reservations remade.

OK-- I didn't like the film a whole lot, but here are some things I did like.
Aaron Eckhart: I love him in "Thank You for Smoking"and loathed his character in "Paycheck." In this film he looks like he's having fun and it really brought joy to the picture.
Abigail Breslin: This young performer has a gift -- she's been natural and believable in both films I've seen her in. (Little Miss Sunshine and this one)
The Recipes: The No Reservations Website give you an opportunity to download the favorite recipes from the film. I think I'll be preparing something tasty soon!

I think I should watch "Mostly Martha" to get a better taste.

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