Lunar eclipse August 28

There's going to be a full lunar eclipse (the kind you can look at without worrying about your eyes . . .) early tomorrow (8/28) morning. It will be visible (assuming the clouds cooperate) from 4:52 - 6:22 am in the Chicago area.
I'll be waking up sometime in there -- I think I'll take a look!

Update: Though I didn't see anything, several at the Adler Planetarium did! Here's a picture from the Sun-Times eclipse gallery!


traci said...

i thought that it was only going to be visible from the west cost. do you think i'll be able to see it from the big d? i love the adler planetarium. i miss it now that i'm in detroit, but detroit has some good things, like, um, the blues and hot dogs oh wait. chicago has those things too. can you tell i miss chicago? anyway, back to the eclipse. do you think i'll be able to see it?

Kirk said...

I think you should be able to see it from 5:52 - 7:22 am your time. It's visible all across North and South America.

Peter said...

Cloudy skies here this morning. Bummer.

Kirk said...

Forgot to go out until it was too late here . . . bummer that was my fault.

Bud said...

Bobbie (the furry one ) made sure i got to see it. It was neat when I first saw it all you could see of the moon was a small piece on the bottom and the gone.

johny b said...

i did not know about it until it was time for me to go to bed. i had no plan to get up in the middle of the night to watch it, but ended up waking up and watched the entire thing. not a cloud in the sky in seattle... and it was a great view from the roof top deck of the place where i am staying.

i will hopefully posts some pictures of it when my boxes arrive from the east coast sometime later this week.