UCC General Synod - Day 4

Today was a blast! Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Exhibit Hall: I spent some more time telling folks about i.ucc -- and also uccvitality.org today. It seems people were really willing to share their stories and ask lots of questions. I know that God is present in these websites and that people's lives are changing because of their encounters with God as they utilize the sites.
  • Plenary sessions: Listening to the UCC General Synod conduct business is surprisingly entertaining. I found myself thinking, 'I think I want to be a delegate next time.'
  • Speakouts: I have three favorite moments: "We who are blessed must stand with the rest until the rest are blessed." . . . "To tip properly, take the total bill, move the decimal one point to the left and then double the amount." and My and T. Michael's speakout publicizing i.ucc.org. I think people will remember the address.
  • Marian Wright Edelman: She spoke with authority and conviction -- challenging us to stand up and make sure all children have a healthy start. Some of her quotes: "What's wrong with our children . . . is adults." and "Our children are not partisan political fodder." She told us to support the All Healthy Children's Act so that all children will be guaranteed healthcare in the US.
  • Ken Medema: This man is a master of all things musical. His musical response to Ms. Edelman's presentation (I'll call it, "We'll Stand Up When We Want to Sit Down") left no eyes dry and several (mine included) visibly sobbing.
  • Local Church Ministries Banquet: I sat with the two winners of the UCC praise songwriting competition. Their songs ("You Are" and "Hush" ) will be in the upcoming UCC praise and Worship Songbook. (My new table friends were Jenny, James (Hush), Aood, Mark (You Are), Sue, Scott, Archie and Carol.) {Cool moment: On the way to the dinner, I saw a man run out amid the buses to cross the street. I ran out as well, saying "I figured if you were out there I wouldn't get hit by a car." We ended up in the elevator together. (with Marian Wright Edelman) When we shook hands to greet one another, I learned he was Bill Johnson, celebrating the 35th aniversary of his ordination.}
  • Evening Prayer and Worship: Though it was late in the day and before a weary group, I thought this service was HUGE. The drama, music, graphics and lighting made for a quietly powerful encounter with God.

One more day . . .

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