Third Day - Chronology

I wrote a review of Third Day's Chronology part 1 for Interlinc's YLO 68 too. Here's the unedited version.

Album Title: Chronology
Label: Essential
Genre: Southern Rock
TIYL: Bo Bice, Black Crowes, REM, Tom Petty, Kid Rock
@: thirdday.com
By: Kirk Moore – kirk@revkirk.com
I remember back to 1997 or 98 (it wasn’t that long ago, right?) when an up-and coming band called Third Day, weary after spending hours lost on a tour bus, arrived just in the nick of time to perform for 3000 youth leaders at a youthworkers convention. The band, cordial but nervous, wondered if they were making a big mistake by trying to play their energetic southern rock for a group of "stuffy youth pastors"
After about 30 seconds, the band took in the energy of the excited crowd and rocked the hotel ballroom harder than they ever thought possible. Third Day learned that day that youthworkers love great music and that there was nothing "stuffy" about them.
Third Day’s newest release remembers the early days of the band – offering early hits and rare glimpses in music and video of a band coming into its own. Some of the video segments on the accompanying DVD will have you laughing out loud.
As a greatest hits album, Chronology offers classics like Consuming Fire, Agnes Dei, Love Song and Sky Falls Down. Youthworkers can pay special attention to a few lesser-known songs, however, as material for great group discussions:
"Alien" – Describes life from the perspective of one who has been outcast, ignored or marginalized in some way. This song is a challenge to reach out to everyone with Jesus’ love.
"Have Mercy" – Reminds me of the prayer of the tax collector in Luke 18 as he cried out in prayer, "God, be merciful to me, a sinner!"
"She Sings in Riddles" – Here’s a wonderfully confusing song. It speaks of things that look enticing but are harmful and also about the difficulty in understanding God’s desire for us. Deep thoughts and deep discussions are sure to accompany listening to this rare classic.
Chronology offers excellent insight into Third Day’s early years as a band and also provides an excellent introduction to any who are unfamiliar with the band at all. Students will want to play this one with the volume turned WAY UP. (You might want to check the maximum wattage rating on your speakers!)

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