Movies in 5 seconds

Want to relive all your memories of some of your favorite movies? Cassie (through Andrew) showed me a place where there are a whole lot of "movies in 5 seconds. (some are longer than 5 seconds -- but they are very brief!) I think these short films will pull up all those memories up in very short order. If you haven't seen the movies that are being summarized (sort of) the mini-films may not be as funny, but the 5 second movies metacafe site is definitely worth a visit! Here's my favorite of the bunch (it's posted by a different metacafe user, but it is definitely from the Guy with th Glasses!) -- All the Rocky Movies in 5 Seconds:

All The Rocky Films In 5 Seconds - The funniest home videos are here


Bud said...

Yo Kirk I think Rockys Life flashed before his eye's

Kirk said...

I'm waiting for "All the Rambo movies in 5 seconds."