50 year anniversary

Next week the UCC celebrates 50 years -- but my parents were married a week earlier. Last night we all gathered at White Fence Farm to celebrate Sharon and Fred's (Mom and Dad's) 50th anniversary! They certainly don't look old enough to be celebrating 50 years! (They really were married at 18 . . . I have a 17-year old daughter . . . sigh . . .)


Bud said...

Congatulations to your Mom and Dad! It makes you feel good to. Just think of what we get to look foward to. Ours will be in 2040!
Bud and Dawn

Kirk said...

I'll let you know what it feels like after ours in 2037. :)

Peter said...

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Moore! Time flies; hard to believe my WDGC days were were almost 25 years ago! Some of the things I learned there I still use to this day at the ARRS. Happy 50th, and best wishes for many more to come!