Spidey 3 review

I went to the midnight show with two of my kids Thursday night. I like the "midnight opening" culture that I get to experience when a big movie premieres.

The culture was the best thing about this opening, however.

In a three-word review for Spiderman 3:

Not too good.

Here's something a bit longer

  • The characters were more shallow than I remember in the first two. I know the intent was to give them more depth - but I don't think it worked.
  • The movie pace was unbelievably fast. No falling asleep in this one!
  • The special effects were amazing. Everything looked real.
  • The plot(s) were too many and too "unexplained" I found it tiring (not sleep-inducing" wondering why things were happening in this film.
  • The slapstick moments weren't always funny. Sometimes they were just distracting.

I'd still go see Spiderman 4, tho.

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