Goodwill trail

Last week Cassie and I cleaned out the garage. We ended up with several bags and containers of items to give away. This morning at 6:30 am I put everything out in front of the house for the goodwill truck. It made a trail away from the door. I call this photo "Goodwill Trail."

The trail got me thinking just a little. What if instead of protesting war or fighting about timetables or benchmarks, we made a peaceful statement by starting a nationwide "goodwill trail"? I think the world might notice if we lined up for miles and miles and simply shared peaceful and kind words to each other. Maybe it would catch on?


Bud said...

Goodwill trail is a good idea ! Peace be with you pass it on !Is this going with the random acts of kindness also?


Kirk said...

The two have a natural connection -- that sounds like a good idea!