Cicada update

Actually, there's not much to tell on this front. I didn't find any cicadas this morning on a stroll through the woods. I'm heading out this afternoon for a second try, however. Hopefully I'll find some and be able to experience some cicada cuisine later tonight!

I did write a cicada song (It's called "I Like Cicadas") but it's not recorded yet. I played it for a few people at a hayride and bonfire over the weekend (I had trouble remembering all the words!) and if all goes well, I'll have a recording of it by the end of the weekend.

I found some cicadas in Glen Ellyn this afternoon. They're marinating in worchestershire sauce tonight and then I'm going to make batter-dipped and sauted cicadas tomorrow morning.

I also recorded the cicada song (gargage version). The whole song was really recorded in the garage. I played guitar and did vocals and my son Matthew played drums. It'll be available for a short while linked here, and then it'll be gone just like the cicadas. I make it resurface on iTunes and Napster etc. some time in the future.
I Like Cicadas (garage version)

Update! You can now buy "I Like Cicadas" on Napster, Sony Connect and Emusic!

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