The Resurrection

Here's an "Opening the Bible" blog entry I posted yesterday at i.ucc

The Tomb of Jesus documentary, at least for a short time, got people talking more about Jesus. I'd love to spend some time talking about the resurrection. What are your thoughts?

Not everyone believes in Jesus’ resurrection. Here are some theories I’ve come across over the years:
  • Jesus didn’t really die -- he was just very weak from hanging on that cross. When he woke up from his coma-like state he simply came out of the tomb and visited his disciples.
  • Jesus never really did come back to life -- his disciples started to understand that Jesus had predicted his resurrection so they stole the body and started the rumor.
  • Jesus didn't really appear to anyone from the time of his claimed resurrection until his claimed ascension in to heaven. People just "saw" Jesus because they wanted to and they heard that others had seen him.

I can’t offer any physical or scientific evidence of Christ's resurrection. I can tell you that I believe in it. I believe that Jesus the Christ lived on Earth, was crucified, died and was buried. And I believe that on the third day he really did rise from the grave -- alive.
There are people who would disagree with me. There are people inside and outside of the Christian church who believe differently.

What do you believe?

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