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When I see a great film, experience a great meal, enjoy a moving worship service (Joy Dawned Again!) or even after I’ve read a good book, I feel like telling someone else. I heartily gush about what it is I found so appealing about whatever it is that I encountered.

I don’t ever feel like I’m not permitted to say something about what I believe. I also never feel like I’m forbidden from sharing my opinion about any subject.

But I’ve never experienced a situation where others have the right to think for me.
I wonder, if I was faced with that reality, if I’d be able to bubble about Jesus’ love and God’s extravagant welcome for everyone.

In this week’s reading from Acts 5:27-32, the apostles stood before the high priest and flat-out refused to submit to their authority. They had to follow God instead of the priests.

What would you do?
How would you do it?

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