Blinded by the light

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Who sings that song?
What do the lyrics say right after that?
What is that song about? Is it about Paul?

OK – here’s a music trivia lesson. “Blinded by the Light” was written and recorded by Bruce Springsteen in 1973. It wasn’t a hit. Manfred Mann turned it into a hit in 1977.

The lyrics in question – originally “cut loose like a deuce” (referring to a “little deuce coupe”) were slightly changed in Manfred Mann’s version to “revved up like a deuce.”

The song is about Springsteen’s experiences up on stage in New Jersey when he was a young, struggling musician. It has nothing to do with Paul.

So why did I bring it up? Just because.

Turning points . . .

Moses had the burning bush. John Wesley’s heart was “strangely warmed” at Aldersgate. And in the Bible reading for this week from Acts 9:1-6, Paul was knocked on his backside when he encountered the risen Christ while on the road to Damascus.

So Paul, Moses and John Wesley have some dramatic and maybe even radical transformation stories about how they came to really follow God.

Do you have a radical transformation story?

If you do – what is it? (If you’re willing to share.)
If you don’t – does that make God’s transforming work in your life any less marvelous?

I think that God’s transformation of any of us from what we were or are into what we will be is never less miraculous or important than any other.
I also think the key part of all of God’s transformational work in our lives is that it is God who does the transforming – in God’s time and in in God’s way.

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