Crossfade - Colors

Just after writing the "Complete Idiot" article, I wrote a short devotional based on Crossfade's song, Colors. It's in the most recent Interlinc magazine, too.

Here's the article -- just as submitted and published:


Song: Colors
Artist: Crossfade
Album: Crossfade

Kirk Moore
Union Congregational Church
Somonauk, Illinois

Teaching Point: Pain

Opening Question: Have you ever taken a look back at choices you've made in your life and wished you'd done things differently?

Discussion: Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we wish we had made better choices, but now don't know where to turn.
"Colors" speaks to people who have endured pain brought on by bad personal decisions, painful relationships and even drug and alcohol addictions. It points out that lots of people find themselves in painful and sad situations. It also offers a ray of hope as the song points to others who haven't abandoned the person in anguish - even if the person feels far away.
We're not alone when we make bad decisions. Others have made them, too. The Psalms are filled with pain and anguish brought on by bad decisions and painful relationships or breakups. Chapters like Psalm 55 offer that sadness is a reality and that there is also hope as we look to God in trust. Psalm 77 speaks of agony and fear -- while at the same time expressing a persistent trust that God can and will respond. The writers of the Psalms expressed anger, sadness, isolation and anguish, but coming out of those emotions we also find hope in the unconditional love of God.

Conclusion: Sometimes we experience pain and anguish because of the choices we've made. Other times we feel sadness and isolation due to circumstances beyond our control. Whatever the situation, God's unconditional love and open arms are with us.

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