Road blind

Last night while driving on a short errand, I became very aware that I could barely see the road in front of me.
Oh no! My new (to me) car already has problems! I got it so I wouldn't have problems like this!

I pulled into a parking lot and went around the front to check. The lights were on, but the salt and grime spray from the road had caked on them, dried up and then blocked all but a little of the light from escaping. I rubbed the film off (with my now salt and grime covered gloves) and was amazed to see something just a little short of daylight in front of my car again!.

Today I took a washcloth and did the same thing to the covered tail lights.

I think I really should get a car wash.


Peter said...

Among the many things I miss about living in Chicagoland, wintertime road salt grime isn't one of them!!

Kirk said...

I think this particular salt grime episode was the worst I've ever experienced!