Bridge to Terabithia

Yesterday I took my youngest (9) to see this movie. I had no idea about any background for it or even what it was about. The previews looked fascinating, it had the Yahoo Movie Mom "Family movie" recommendation and my son wanted to see it. On top of that, Cassie was having a bead party at our house and the older children were on a ski trip. It was good for us to get together and to go out.

I wouldn't call "Bridge to Terabithia" a great film. The story seemed to lose it's flow too often.(I'm guessing the adaptation from a book to a film and the necessary edits to make it into something that will keep the audience's interest had much to do with that) However, it is a movie I really felt. I felt happy when it was happy, upset when it was upsetting and I cried (real tears -- not just a lump in my throat) when it was sad. (And the sadness was excruciating!)

I did a little checking into the background after seeing this film. Suffice it to say that I'm going to read the book to find out the rest of the story.
So, even though it isn't wonderful in terms of filmmaking, the story is compelling and really worth seeing. I do highly recommend this film. I think after I finish reading it, I'll recommend the book even more.


smmmm said...

You will feel the same about the book, emotionally.

smmmm said...

You will dig the book.

Kirk said...

I'm looking forward to it -- kind of.