Never put a q-tip

In yours or any other ear canal, right?

I have another, new, q-tip rule.
If you're a dog and you're eating a q-tip, never accidentally cough it up into your nasal cavity and then get sick and have to have a rhinoscopy to find it and remove it.

Our dog, Molly, is now on the mend. I think the q-tip fragment looks a little like a muppet. Maybe I can sell it on ebay to recoup the vet costs!


johny b said...

was this the cuase of her ailment while you were in charlotte?

and yes, the q tip does look like a muppet... one of the ones that belong to the band, electric mayhem!

Kirk said...

The q-tip was the culprit all along -- You remember when Cassie took her to the vet!
I love Electric Mayhem!