God Save the Queen

I laughed a bit at the article that explained why "God" was bleeped on the version of "The Queen" that was distributed to Delta and other airlines. Turns out the person editing wanted to remove all instances where "God" was used as a curse word, but edited out all instances instead. What ended up happening? For me it got me curious enough to see the movie.

The Queen is a wonderful character study. It's also a moving, yet fictionalized, story of the Royal Family's struggle with things like showing emotion and when is the proper time to throw out ceremony. There were lighthearted moments, deep moments and sad moments.
I don't expect to be entertained by movies like this one, but this time I was.
Helen Mirren was beyond excellent in portraying the Queen, yet I think the best character in the film was played by Michael Sheen -- as he played the hero -- Tony Blair.

Cassie and I almost laughed out loud before the movie began, however. We were at a Friday Matinee and we were the only people in the theatre without a head of gray hair. (Mind you, we would both have gray hair without help from hair color, but that is a topic for another day.)

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