I've posted a short blog entry in the "Opening the Bible" area of i.ucc. It's called "Rejoice."

The band Audio Adrenaline (who recently called it quits after several years together. They do have a few upcoming concerts with the last one in Hawaii at the end of April) recorded a song for their 2001 album "Lift" called "Rejoice".I remember that in the video for the song they showed a series of shots with members of the band asking people on the street, "What makes you rejoice?"

This week's reading from Philippians 4:4-7 instructs the reader to rejoice in the Lord.

What does that mean? Dictionary.com says that rejoice means "to be glad; take delight." Being glad with God can be a tough thing sometimes. Sometimes instead of wanting to rejoice I want to shout out in anger. Other times I simply want to curl up in a corner and weep.But it does feel good to rejoice. I think that when I rejoice, it affects every part of me. My physical, emotional and spiritual selves celebrate and feel uplifted and refreshed.

I know that I'm not rejoicing "always," but it sure is great when I do.

What's it like when you rejoice?

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