Back on the record sales track

No, I'm not going to retire anytime soon, but sales on my two records on itunes, rhapsody and emusic are back up! (I still don't have a napster report!) This month I get paid a whopping $33 for record sales. (It's triple what last month was!) The Snakes are on the Plane continues to be the top seller (Thank you to the now cult movie!) and the potty songs are doing pretty well too. The Cheese song is also a strong seller.
You can still get the digital versions for all of your family in time for Christmas! If you want the CD itself, you can order them from themanwiththeguitar.com. I'll do my best to get them out right away!


johny b said...

congrats on the sales.... i should have had you autograph my chest in charlotte!

Kirk said...

Did you send a treasure chest to Charlotte? Do you think someone found it and then put it in a safe deposit box? Or maybe they hid it and wrote out a map that will be the subject of an adventure movie sometime in the future?