Personal Relationship

I've been thinking about -- and we talked about last night -- the oft-used describer of being a follower of Jesus. "Having a personal relationship with Jesus." It's bothered me to hear a few people tell me about how that phrase has been used as a weapon to prove to them that they weren't really part of the "Jesus club." (If you don't have a personal relationship with Jesus, you're not really a Christian.)

My thoughts have surrounded having faith in Jesus and being one who seeks to follow Jesus as a more accurate describer of the relationship I have with Jesus. "Personal Relationship" has such a wide range of ways to understand it (Friend, Parent-Child, Romantic interest, Long-distant friend) and the possibility of it being positive or very negative. (abuser, rapist, murderer)
So why the catch-phrase and the litmus test about Christianity?

I think I'm still going to focus on teaching others about having faith in Jesus, seeking to follow Jesus and Loving God with all we are -- as well as loving one another.

I think that's what being a Christian means.

I found a hilarious and offensive video yesterday about this comedy group's take on the term "Personal Relationship with Jesus"

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