Another perspective from last week

I haven't gotten my act together to write an "Opening the Bible" blog entry at i.ucc for this week (Maybe tonight?) but I've been thinking about last week's. I talked about Jesus' unkind and crabby-sounding words to the Syrophonecian woman and how she pretty much schooled him and taught him about treating everyone with the same kindness.
And I've been considering another possibility -- Maybe Jesus was using comedy (sarcasm more specifically) and the woman completely got the joke and gave it right back to Jesus. Others have used comedy and sarcasm to get their point across (the Old Testament Prophets did it!) so why not Jesus?
And now that brings me to another thought. If Jesus could use offensive sarcasm to get a point across about how wrong it is to judge people based on their race or national origin -- could we make a leap and compare the upcoming BORAT movie to something Jesus did? And if Jesus was successful with it -- why couldn't BORAT be also?

When is offensive just offensive and when is it a great teaching tool?

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