Right in the middle of the day yesterday my dog was going nuts inside -- barking and wanting to go outside. Usually that means she either really has to go out or that there's a flock of birds in the backyard that she wants to chase.
As soon as I opened the door I knew otherwise.
Molly (our dog) made a bee-line for a skunk that was walking through our backyard. In vain I tried to call her and coax her in. It was only after she had been partially sprayed (and I had the good fortune of getting too close too quickly and receiving some of the waft) that I was able to get her away.
Now my clothes are clean. The smell is gone and Molly has been de-skunked. (Thanks to the recipe on about.com -- we used #1)
We had to leave the windows open all night to get the stench out of the house, tho.
Thank goodness it was a cool night.

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