Nineteen years

On August 1st, we'll have been married 19 years. I've written a little ditty to celebrate the occasion, but my wife will have to be surprised by it.
Of course, if she's reading this she might already know the words, but she'd never click here to find out before the first, right?


Peter said...

Congratulations! And a gift song? Impressive!

Kathy and I are right behind you, with #17 coming on Aug. 5. And I didn't do anything as special as a song...

(Though, I did just build a boat that we plan to enjoy together.)

Congrats on N-n-n na-na-na nineteen!

Kirk said...

Thanks! I took a look at your boat project awhile back -- you spent way more time, energy and love on that project than I did on the song.
I remember 17 like it was . . . two years ago!