I've taken some reflections from last week and incorporated them into the most recent entry in the "opening the Bible" blog at i.ucc. It's about rejoicing and it's called "Mountaintop Experience."

Sometimes you feel like shouting for joy!

I've just returned from a week-long visit to the mountains. I lived in a cabin that looked over a mighty river that rushed and flowed -- producing a wonderfully soothing sound that I fell asleep to every night. I got to ride horses every day and experience the beauty of nature mostly untouched by human hands. I also got to spend time in silence, waiting for and listening for the still small voice of God as I sought to empty my mind of everything. The week was marvelous.
It makes me want to rejoice -- not just in the "I'm feeling happy" kind of way, but in the "Thank you God for your presence and for your incredible gift of joy and peace and relaxation."

I've had a mountaintop experience.

As I looked at one of the Bible passages for this week, Psalm 24, I sensed that same joy. Sure, it has a "King of Glory" style to it, but I think the writer was really coming from a place of joy when they wrote the song. I can imagine them sharing it with others and a mighty chorus singing praises to God together.

It's the way I feel as I write this.

I know the feeling of celebration doesn't last forever. But it sure is nice while it's here.

Today I'm headed to Kansas City to work with Habitat for Humanity.

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