I saw a movie trailer for what will probably be one of those sophomoric, dirty and "We wish we were like the old National Lampoon movies" movie tonight. The movie is called "Accepted."

I think that underneath all the silliness and cheap attempts at laughs is a pretty profound concept. People get rejected all the time and people want to be accepted as they are.

In the movie, some "rejected from too many colleges" students make up a college to find a way to please their parents. But the college somehow becomes real to the many students who show up. They even make up what they think is a pretty trite mission: "Students are free to be who they are and are special in their own way."

That's not silly or inane or even sophomoric.

I saw the trailer just before watching Superman Returns. It's a very real film -- with a whole lot of God language and savior allusions.


steve said...

i haven't seen the new superman movie yet but saw this and found it pretty funny. http://www.pvponline.com/archive.php3?archive=20060627

Kirk said...

That's hilarious!