This past Sunday I arrived early at St. Matthew and took the John Deere tractor out to the back of our wooded 5-acre lot. It is marvelously secluded. I drove the tractor on the overgrown trails with the mower down -- looking to do some necessary clearing of overgrowth while enjoying some contemplative time. As I drove and emptied my mind of everything except staying on the path, I was bombarded with more debris than have ever encountered on the trails. There were large tree branches that had fallen over the trail and logs that blocked my way. But somehow I was able to drive under, around or through to keep moving forward on the path. It wasn't until today that I thought deeper about that experience and realized that overgrowth, debris, large branches and logs may make a detour or harder work necessary to stay on the path, but life's and faith's journey does indeed continue.

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