Let's team up, too

The record (short for recording -- not a term that means "a vinyl lp") has been out since late last year.
I've loved the southern-fried rock flavor of this band for a long time (Aren't they listed in my profile?)

And this song seems to be taken right out of the UCC's stillspeaking initiative.

Third Day's "Cry out to Jesus".

(This is the first time I've tried to embed video in the blog. If it won't load you can see it by clicking on the song title.)


traci said...

i love this video. good stuff.

the links on your page look goofy when you see them in mozila firefox. (fyi)

i'm going to be in town for my brother's wedding. i get the feeling you might be around too. looking forward to seeing you!!

Kirk said...

I did some changes overall on the blog. It should load well in IE and Firefox now . . .
See you soon!