Leonardo's Secret Cipher

I read a great article about the DaVinci Code this week at thedavincichallenge.com
I know the website is sponsored by Sony pictures in an attempt to engage dialog instead of protest. I'm all for it!

Phil Cooke's article sounds like something I would have written if I were writing something like that. (OK -- it means I totally agree!)

Here's a favorite paragraph:

  • There are many believers out there who seem to thrive on their ability to defend the faith. Yes, we should know the facts and doctrinal principles of our faith, (I have a Ph.D. in Theology myself), but in cases like this, God can handle this film and anything else quite well by Himself. I'm frequently reminded that although God graciously allows me to take part in His eternal plan, He certainly doesn't need me. The truth is, our job isn't to defend the honor of God, like some over zealous boyfriend defending the honor of his girlfriend. Our job is to reach the world with a message of hope - to tell them the good news of Jesus Christ. Often, spending our time building fortresses to defend the faith just distracts us from our real assignment.

The rest of the article is great too.

I think I'm headed to an early afternoon (or maybe even late morning) show tomorrow. I did hear about some bad reviews for the film -- But that hasn't stopped me from seeing a summer blockbuster before . . .

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