At St. Matthew UCC, we hold an Agape Meal and then a Tenebrae Service (One that begins with communion before we start the service of shadows) on Maundy Thursday.
The community that celebrates a meal together, (We have a tradition of serving stew, bread and brownies) receives communion together, (This year we had three 'stations' for celebrating communion. A dozen or so people came up at a time to a table where we spoke of the bread and the cup and then we shared a meal together.) and then experiences the progressive (or should I say liberal? And what's another term for conservative anyway? But I digress . . . ) darkness together becomes part of an incredibly moving evening. We depart in darkness.

I love Maundy Thursday at St. Matthew. But I wish we'd remember it long enough to spend some time talking about the experience. The community, darkness and silence are things I have learned to appreciate more during the last 6 weeks of sabbatical. I'd love to spend some time talking with others about their experience too.

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