President Bush made a speech today.
If a Democrat had made this speech, I probably would have said -- I think the overall direction of what (this person) is proposing is good -- I may not agree with everything they said -- but I support the direction."

So that's what I'm saying about President Bush's speech too.

He called for "increased conservation, an expansion of domestic production and increased use of alternative fuels like ethanol."

  • Use less fuel
  • be sure fuel is available so that prices don't go higher due to low supply
  • Focus on fuels that aren't oil-based.
That's not rocket science -- it just sounds good.
I doubt short-term gasoline prices will be affected much.
It's still a good idea.

Here's a rundown of the issues -- and what I think too.

  • Ethanol -- I like it -- let's make more and use more
  • Take Oil Company subsidies out of the federal budget -- good idea
  • Support Hybrid and clean diesel autos with continued tax credits to buyers -- good idea
  • Boost supplies of gas etc. -- I think we can do better on this one while still using ethanol instead of MTBE.
  • Make more refineries. -- OK -- build them on the closed military bases -- I'm not the only one who has said this.
  • Cut the red tape. -- Of course. Just don't make it easier to make a dirtier refinery
  • Pass ANWR. -- I disagree. I don't think you can do environmentally friendly exploration and drilling for oil.
  • Support the development of alternative fuels. -- good idea
  • Be aggressive on price-gouging. Good idea -- now follow through!


Peter said...

Creative thinking can certainly help reduce our reliance on foreign energy sources. If schemes like this really are feasible, then there may be hope for us yet. That, and a White House administration not completely beholden to oil companies...

Kirk said...

Creative thinking has got to be one of the keys -- and yes -- no agenda that says the oil companies are the ones we really have to please.