Self -Defense?

I signed up for an experimental online course through Chicago Theological Seminary. It's called Biblical and Theological Self-Defense for the UCC. Seminary president Rev. Susan B. Thistlewaite is the instructor. I think it's gonna be really interesting and probably a lot fun! (The course runs for 6 (six) weeks from March 27th and costs just $45 to register)

. . . Now from self-defense to what is more like self-preservation. Several years ago, during one of the first ever "movin' and singin'" classes through the Warrenville Park District, I made up a song on the fly. The little ones were running all over the place and paying no attention to the dude with the guitar. When I started to sing the song they started following the directions in the song!

The song has become a favorite. And now I've finally recorded "Marching Around the Room."

You may find it necessary to follow the directions too.


Ildergreien said...

You can not know God before you know yourselfes.

Kirk said...

I'm not sure where you're going with this or what it has to do with the post -- any clarification?